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Contemporary creation of Aubusson tapestries
Aubusson factory
Assembly of a warp on the loom
The warp is assembled on a horizontal loom. It constitutes the structure of the future tapestry. A painted or numbered cartoon is placed under the warp threads. The wools that are dyed in the colours of the cartoon are wound around bobbins. While weaving, the lissier separates the even threads from the odd ones with the treadles located underneath the loom, and uses the bobbins to shape the weft according to the patterns and colours of the cartoon. The length of the weaving process depends on the structure and complexity of the artist's work.

Dyeing the wools
  Winding the bobbins
Underneath a low-warp loom   Aubusson factory   Numbered cartoon under the warp threads
Weaving   Registration number   Cutting off the weft threads

For an Aubusson tapestry to be an original work of art, every model is limited to 8 copies, numbered in the weaving as E/A n° 1 or E/A n° 2 and from 1/6 to 6/6. The initials of the workshop and signature of the artist are also woven.
Each tapestry must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity bearing its name, registration number and dimensions, the initials of the manufacture or workshop, as well as the artist's signature.


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